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If we love the surprise of the meeting at the bend of a street, we also love the parquet!

Openings, bookstore launches, evenings in socio-cultural cafes, balls ... We offer personalized performances for events that are important to us.

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The artists associated with L'Armée des Roses come to meet you in the streets of Paris or Strasbourg: it's STREET CANCAN or CANCAN DE RUE!


Initiated by the Army of Roses and André Gine, this animation is the only one of this type to exist in Montmartre (and in Paris), and is intended as a political gesture .


We vigorously respect the work of the incredible cabarets that Paris is fortunate to host. We do not pretend to the quality of these ballets, to their staging, the work of the costumers, nor to the level of their dancers.


On the other hand, we wish to allow everyone to relive a moment of authenticity, to rediscover the subversive and provocative soul of the cancan , thanks to our knowledge of the history of the cancan , our characters and our will to share revolutionary, feminist values. Dancing in the street means making a dance of popular origin accessible to all and participating in the mediation of the history of feminism, as well as its topicality.

Thank you to the dancers of the Gang des Culottes for lending their legs to L'Armée des Roses!


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