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L'Armée des Roses is an association founded in 2018 by André Gine and Antoinette Marchal.


The association brings together artists and activists to publicize the rise of revolutionary and feminist movements since the 1830s and their current events in our society through the prism of the body and the cancan dance.


The cancan is a dance intimately linked to subversiveness, by its creation under the Monarchy, in an era ruled by the patriarchy and by the Church; as well as with its rebirth after the Paris Commune, the first short period of politicization and equal political representation of women in French society.


Each step of the cancan has a name and a precise meaning. They generally insult institutions which degrade the status of women and thereby a democratic and egalitarian society. It is the mission of L'Armée des Roses to remind this, while offering performances accessible to everyone.


L'Armée des Roses questions the body, gender, feminism and dance, through cultural actions: dance performances, writing articles, street art, conferences&talks and guided tours.

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